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the bird series (3)

i. Alludes to Aesop’s fable, where the fox is wooing a raven for a loaf of xyz bread. First of bird and bread connection.

ii. Scene from Hitchcock with a plague of crows attacking a mob of crowd for the xyz bread.

iii. Two scenes diverge in this magazine ad where one jackdaw choose a route with bread crumbs and the other one avoiding it. Copy reads: The trip taken. The trip not taken respectively.


seafood & steak grill restaurant

Fisherman’s wharf: a harpoon saw seen hanging. “Enormous would be an understatement.” Ad for Iwasawa’s Seafood & Steak Grill.
Iowa farmhouse: a trident, spade seen hanging “Enormous would be an understatement.” Ad for Iwasawa’s Seafood & Steak Grill.

Kobashi the 16th century’s blacksmith’s warehouse: some swords seen hanging: “Enormous would be an understatement.” Ad for Iwasawa’s Seafood & Steak Grill. (completes the campaign).

ad for weed killer

In this magazine ad a forest is shown with a door frame, a sofa, a lamp jutting out from here and there. Ad for weed killer spray.

ad for macy’s annual sale

Magazine pages are filled with real-life pictures of ghost town with the copy reading: Macy’s annual sale now going on.

set of 2 ads for champagne

  1. The bottle in the shape of Klein bottle. Copy: Since Eternity.
  2. The champagne wrapped with a red-ribbon of Möbius strip. Copy: Since Eternity.

ad for department store

As the camera tours through the department store we see a shelf filled with rhinoceros horn promoting aphrodisiac, then a clothing section with clothes for Siamese twins, then the fruits and vegetable section with exotic plants and rare fruits, stationary section with rare manuscripts.

Then announcer reveals: For a store that has everything, we thought it would be easier to show what we don’t have.

3 ideas for ambient ad

  1. Billboard on freeway. Ad for car on on side. On the other side: That’s right it demands second glance.
  2. Most people create ad to get noticed. What if you went the other direction ie you don’t want it to get noticed? To spark a birdwatching hobby, a ring is hung on a bird and then set free. Ad for jewelry store.
  3. As drivers drive past the fast-food restaurant they will see a UFO sucking out the chef of the restaurant in a lightcone. This can be created with a hologram.