Ad for new cellphone plan

We see a family on a couch with white, greenscreen background. As they are rattling of each life changes they make we see corresponding flashes of images. Wife starts off: “We used to be Presbyterian but now we converted to ancient Egyptian religion and believe in Ka, their word for soul.” Then the father: “I used to work in New York Stock Exchange but took a job in Vietnamese firm and use their currency Xu. There is a volcano next to our house with their lava aa flowing.” Little girl takes over: “It’s a bit risky, but oh well.” Then her brother: “Last year we took out our chrysanthemum and placed an al, an East Indian tree. We also gave our Labrador for an ox.” Back to wife: Yes it’s kind of difficult to make all these changes, but oh well. We are happy.” She forces a smile. [pause] Announcer reveals: Just because your cell phone provider charges you high rates for air time fees does not mean you have to make life changes actions by cutting down on your word rates. Try Nyquist connection, now giving special discount for roaming fees.”


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