ad for car

  1. Upon reaching school to drop off children, father takes a wild detour around the mountain because of their superstitious belief a black cat crosses by. Images shown of round-the-earth like travel around winding pathways across hills. As the dad drops off his daughter and two sons, he shakes his head seeing that the cat that crossed their path on the other side gets washed by a sudden spray of geyser from the fire hydrant and gets cleaned off the soot.
  2. We see a fat slob eating in a fine restaurant and spilling all over his tux and the small napkin tied around his neck. He burps after gargling the champagne down finishing his filet mignon and then leaves without tipping. As the valet throws him the keys, he cuts his beautiful model wife as she was about to touch the all new  Scytala LX: “Allow me Ma’am.” He turns on soothing melodic Mozart with the moonscreen open for beautiful view of starry night. After reaching home and coming out of the car he is back to his usual slob character. Announcer: The new Scytala. Brings the best out off you.

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