ads for running shoe (6)

  1. How to do a shoe/sneakers ad without showing the product itself? We adorn the magazine with beautiful images of the interior of Blue Mosque with shots of cupola, Golden Temple in Amritsar, and Nijo Castle, Kyoto in Japan.  Copy reads: “ The new Jordan’s for $139. You would not want to take them off. ”
  2. Inset of 30 images of running shoes with variety of knots. Copy: Same shoe, just a different day.
  3. Tim loves his so much that when he couldn’t find the other pair when running late for school that he decides to wrap his leg in bandage and buy a crutch. TV ad.
  4. Fossil print of shoe in museum.
  5. “Ode to Pheidippides” : camera focuses on bare feet which becomes entwined lace of leather which in turn becomes boot…. to modern running shoes. Copy on TV: That’s 2500 years of design.
  6. A lighthearted ad showing that a drug deal is going in a terrace in Vienna with a Cambodian drug lord of Golden Triangle present and an Italian businessman, who momentarily crosses his leg showing he sole of the shoe. Instantly guns are drawn everywhere in Mexican standoff. “Wait!” the Mafiosi boss assures his bodyguards. “It’s [brand name].” Ad for the shoe. Of course this ad will ‘work’ if it is well known that Khmer etiquette dictates not to point your shoe or feet at anyone.

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