Hi, welcome to my blog. It all started after watching the TV show “Best Commercials You’ve Never Seen (and Some You Have)”  and since I am interested in the process of creativity whether it be ikebana, pottery, mathematics or ad writing I dreamt of compiling a magnum opus in a book format called “10,000 Ideas for Advertisements”.  Although I failed to collate all my ideas and publish the book, I decided to post them up on this blog.

Briefly about me: I am a 28 year resident from Orange County, Anaheim, California.  I studied in college for a while before dropping out realizing that there is nothing that I cannot learn that they don’t teach at school in addition to the fact colleges being too disciplined and structured (with cut-n-dried teaching system).  I am doing this blog for a hobby and I never worked at any ad agency (although would love to work for Ogilvy!) and I am terrible at drawing.  I despise NFL yet always look forward to Superbowl due to the ads.  My interest is mainly in Taoism, Zen Buddhism, superconsciousness, accelerated learning, computablity and logic, philosophy of mathematics, anthropology such as learning about tribes in Omo river, etecetera.

Thanks for listening. Feel free to leave any comments which you may deem will assist me in my journey.
Zeeshan Mahmud


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