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3 ideas for ambient ad

  1. Billboard on freeway. Ad for car on on side. On the other side: That’s right it demands second glance.
  2. Most people create ad to get noticed. What if you went the other direction ie you don’t want it to get noticed? To spark a birdwatching hobby, a ring is hung on a bird and then set free. Ad for jewelry store.
  3. As drivers drive past the fast-food restaurant they will see a UFO sucking out the chef of the restaurant in a lightcone. This can be created with a hologram.

o’hagan’s lock & safety

  • An automaton or a dummy of a man shown on the ledge of a New York city high-rise apartment who is trying to get in his house after forgetting his keys. On the signboard copy reads the casual: “Not worthy risking your arm and leg.”

Ad for O’Hagan’s Lock & Safety.

  •  O’Hagan the Irish locksmith is opening one house after another and escaping after being framed for murder. Police chasing him down but he has an unflinchingly cool swagger. With ease of breathing he opens one lock after another and walks away. Then we see him open another Reality where the ad shows that he opened the door of the set of another ad thus merging with another.

Ad for O’Hagan’s Lock & Safety.


As people touch the object (a parked car), like telemetry, images flash in the big screen in Times Square.