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sniper clown redux

A stream of film strips shows two cylindrical metals being tightened. Then a stand and some small clippings inside another component. [Interspersed with images of a presidential procession.] Finally the print AD reveals in the last frame that a clown was simply installing the metal tubes of a fan all along for cooling as he removes make-up after a performance which moved the chiffon curtain in his apartment triggering the SWATS to break in. …In the last frame, the jester comically chimes: “That’s a thousand dullah mahogany work there bruh.”


the bird series (3)

i. Alludes to Aesop’s fable, where the fox is wooing a raven for a loaf of xyz bread. First of bird and bread connection.

ii. Scene from Hitchcock with a plague of crows attacking a mob of crowd for the xyz bread.

iii. Two scenes diverge in this magazine ad where one jackdaw choose a route with bread crumbs and the other one avoiding it. Copy reads: The trip taken. The trip not taken respectively.

ad for weed killer

In this magazine ad a forest is shown with a door frame, a sofa, a lamp jutting out from here and there. Ad for weed killer spray.

ad for macy’s annual sale

Magazine pages are filled with real-life pictures of ghost town with the copy reading: Macy’s annual sale now going on.

ad for yogurt

A sexy, stewardess with one feet up shown in front of the captain/pilot. As one flips the magazine page UP, it reveals she is not kissing rather spoon-feeding a yogurt shake to the handsome captain. Copy: Your guilty pleasure.  Klim yogurt. Now 40% less fat.

ad for water…

Profile of a banyan tree giving shade to an Asaamese village whose  undergrowth root reaching all the way-as the magazine paper unfolds or folds out-to a distant place where the water bottle was spilled thus dripping the liquid in artesian well.

A cross-section sketch in magazine ad.

car insurance

After hitting a parked car a man leaves a note. He can’t sleep at night and tosses and turns on bed thinking about the price going up or the damage he has to pay for. He dreams that he is in hell when he chose the alternate path of not leaving the note. Next day, the door bell rings. The man quickly gets off shower with a towel wrapped around his waist and answers the door and…voila! An unbelievably sexy, brunette, bombshell is waiting with the note, who smiles, pushes him into his room and the door closes.

Announcer: Honesty is the best policy. Try xxxx Insurance.