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ad for department store

As the camera tours through the department store we see a shelf filled with rhinoceros horn promoting aphrodisiac, then a clothing section with clothes for Siamese twins, then the fruits and vegetable section with exotic plants and rare fruits, stationary section with rare manuscripts.

Then announcer reveals: For a store that has everything, we thought it would be easier to show what we don’t have.


ad for bank

A tycoon dresses up as homeless man and walks a longer route in a narrow dark alley to home everyday after office hours to prevent being robbed. Announcer’s voice breaks-through the so-called fourth wall: Hey Jeff with Bank of Southwest’s new protection you do not have to worry about your card getting stolen.

hand sanitizer

A man falls off the cliff.  Chris then frantically extends his hand for his friend. The young man reaches for the backpack, takes out the germ-killer, sprays on his friend’s hand and then scrambles up. [pause] Chris gives him “the look”. Ad for hand sanitizer.

ad for tax filing company

Post-apocalyptic world. A man doused in ashes and dirt walks into a desolate ruins of a building. A smiling old woman in gold-rimmed glass takes the paperwork that the man presents after opening his briefcase. Announcer:  It is written in the manual that IRS will collect your tax after a nuclear warfare.  Our office will take care of you no matter what. Now during month of April, we will be open till 9:00 pm. 

ad for axe body spray

Navaho sweat lodge where the ethnographer is sweating profusely causing the poor natives to squint their noses as one politely gets out of the hut and gives him Axe body spray. 

stream-of-consciousness ad

Streamofconsciousness ad#1. Phoenician house, as it is being broken into, a cartridge out of sheepskin ball explodes putting famous Tryina..Tyrian purple onto the victim.. Voiceover: The world’s first dye-pack. Ad for Bank of xxxxx.
ii. Mayan Vigesimal system shown in a calendar…Voiceover : World Blurpirnt for the ATM… Ad for Bank of xxxxx
and final part of the series:

iii. Rapa Nui stones being carried out to a deposit place. Voiceover: World’s earliest… non-hassel free deposit?

[This series of ad are to be shown all one after another to maintain the flavor of the genre. They are intentionally unedited to illuminate the thought process.]

ad for cereal

A yogi or a rishi is not sure if to put the cereal in milk or milk in cereal so he climbs Himalaya to attain enlightenment and he finally descend to the same spot. The milk and the cereal still there after thousand years and he softly…The ad is then at this point and time interrupted by loss of signal.