3 ideas for ambient ad

  1. Billboard on freeway. Ad for car on on side. On the other side: That’s right it demands second glance.
  2. Most people create ad to get noticed. What if you went the other direction ie you don’t want it to get noticed? To spark a birdwatching hobby, a ring is hung on a bird and then set free. Ad for jewelry store.
  3. As drivers drive past the fast-food restaurant they will see a UFO sucking out the chef of the restaurant in a lightcone. This can be created with a hologram.

ad for bank

A tycoon dresses up as homeless man and walks a longer route in a narrow dark alley to home everyday after office hours to prevent being robbed. Announcer’s voice breaks-through the so-called fourth wall: Hey Jeff with Bank of Southwest’s new protection you do not have to worry about your card getting stolen.

ad for yogurt

A sexy, stewardess with one feet up shown in front of the captain/pilot. As one flips the magazine page UP, it reveals she is not kissing rather spoon-feeding a yogurt shake to the handsome captain. Copy: Your guilty pleasure.  Klim yogurt. Now 40% less fat.

ad for sleeping mattress (3)

  1. Reality ends, dream begins. Reality merges with dream in this Achuar like ad where the sleeping protagonist morphs into his dream of attacking a herd of sheep with his lance like Don Quixote.
  2. A bland image of a man sleeping with the copy stolen from the movie Heist:  My mo%$^&%$er is so bad, when he goes to bed sheep counts him.
  3. Based on the see-through, children’s book of Tombs and Treasures where a coffin with lid is seen and as one flips the layer one sees the interior of a man with hand, resting on his chest, and as one flips that layer one sees the skeletal structure of the body….finally as one flips the next layer sees the soft mattress in the coffin.

hand sanitizer

A man falls off the cliff.  Chris then frantically extends his hand for his friend. The young man reaches for the backpack, takes out the germ-killer, sprays on his friend’s hand and then scrambles up. [pause] Chris gives him “the look”. Ad for hand sanitizer.

ad for water…

Profile of a banyan tree giving shade to an Asaamese village whose  undergrowth root reaching all the way-as the magazine paper unfolds or folds out-to a distant place where the water bottle was spilled thus dripping the liquid in artesian well.

A cross-section sketch in magazine ad.

l’uomo universale

  1. We don’t see the man rather a sleeve tattooed driver’s arm dangling from the window who backs-through the drive-thru in one screeching motion in his PostEX car as the driving seat is on the other side, right-side, not left.Ad for PostEX mail delivery service with their l’uomo universale worker.
  2. DARE to AIRE.  Our mysterious protagonist now having lost in an isolated Polynesia islands is having found to unearth the burial mounds to see how the bodies are aligned – in which direction- as he read in an obscure anthropological monograph about the inhabitants in this particular geographical location burying their dead in north-south direction.

Ad for PostEX.